Tuesday, 17 July 2012


We have sought a bit of respite and taken sanctuary for a few days with The Retford & Worksop Boating Club whose moorings are arguably the best on the canal.  For a small fee we have a good bank, electric hook up and all other facilities close to hand.  We thought we would take the opportunity of doing some chores – me, domestic and John, painting.  No luck with the painting as it just keeps on raining!  Yesterday, with the exception of about an hour in the afternoon, it rained from the moment we got up to the moment we went to bed.  Poor old England is certainly taking a soaking this year but there are always those worse off than us.  Japan and Russia have had serious flooding too and what about the USA?  I didn’t realise until yesterday what dreadful drought conditions they have been suffering.

Ch3 027 (600x800)

The Retford & Worksop Boat Club was formed back in 1962 and have been instrumental in campaigning for the preservation and restoration of this canal.  They are based in what was once The White Hart pub next to Clayworth Bridge and welcomes visitors.

Clayworth is a lovely little village – two pubs and a C12th church (that’s a guess!) but, sadly, no shop.  Well, that’s what the lady in the church said but our Nicholson Guide says differently.  John has gone off to explore!  Last time I sent him off on an errand he came back injured!  (He’s been gone a long time!!)

From the outside the church in Clayworth is similar to other old village churches but inside there’s quite a surprise.  The walls surrounding the area of the altar are painted with scenes from the Bible.  The artist was Scottish and apparently this is the only church in England in which she did paintings like these.  It was good to see old box pews still in situ too – so many have been taken out and replaced by ghastly plastic stacking chairs!Ch3 017 (600x800)

Above the door of the church is a very grand sundial displaying a sobering message for us all:-

“Our days on the Earth are as a shadow.”

……. a reminder of just how transient our lives here on Earth are!

  Is this another furtive message encouraging us to make the most of our time then or is it advising us to behave ourselves as we never know when we might meet our maker??!!

My lovely family of swans are now one less!  One of the cygnets has got itself separated from the others.  I saw it happen yesterday.  It obviously panicked and went charging off looking for the rest of the family but ….. in the wrong direction.  They all swam up that way later on in the day and I hoped that when I saw them again they would  be re-united.  Sadly, no.  There are still only seven cygnets.  Crying face


  1. All sounds lovely! but poor baby swan. Hope John has returned otherwise he may go the way of the aforementioned cygnet!!
    We need to talk soon as we will be seeing you in just less than 2 weeks and we need to find somewhere to stay xxxx

  2. Booked Millgate House Hotel in Pelham Street.
    See you soon xxxx

  3. Fantastic. We have a Ruby Juby to celebrate. Can't wait to see you xxoo

  4. This time next week..... xxxxx