Wednesday, 13 March 2013

All About Me ……

Yes, this week it’s been all about me and quite rightly so!    D Day - J 037

So, one week into my life afloat, how am I getting on?  More to the point, how are the ‘old folk’ getting on?  I have to say that they’re looking a bit rough!  (More than usual that is!!)  I think it might be something to do with having less sleep than they had got used to and all the free body piercings I’ve been giving them haven’t been as appreciated as I expected either.

You can tell they’ve been used to docile Cavaliers!  The first night they put me in a metal open-topped cage only 2 foot 6 inches high!  Easy!  Didn’t take me long to climb up and over!  The next day a posh fabric crate – complete with a lid and lots of zips – appeared.  I ’m still working out how to get out at night time!  I’m still working hard on emotional blackmail by employing pathetic-sounding whimpers!  These are winding up to a fully fledged howl!!

sweater J 006 (1024x768)

The old lady, (bless her) thought I might be getting cold at night and that was why I wasn’t sleeping soundly so she set to with the knitting needles and produced what she calls a sweater!  Not exactly ‘Phase Eight’ is it?  I’m having none of it!  I have my Street-Cred to consider after all!

       sweater! 002 (1024x768)     sweater! 008 (1024x768)

Last Saturday Ken, Sandra and their granddaughter, Samantha, came to visit me and Samantha bought me a lovely new toy – Mervin the Monkey.  I love him!  He squeaks and I can do it really well all by myself.

The Prisoner 003 (1024x768)

J & A have obviously watched far too many POW films because just look at the perimeter fence they’ve rigged up to prevent my escape from camp!  I’m really good at digging so I’m working on how to tunnel out instead.

Apparently I’m also being really good regarding all things lavatories.  I’m a quick learner when tasty treats are involved!Latest Lola 004

Today I was taken for a ‘walk’.  Well, carry-out really as I still haven’t had my final jabs.  That’s booked for Friday.

What a big world it is out there.  I have so much to see, so much to do and so much to learn.

Now though – I need to go.  I need to prepare the tunes I’m going to sing for them later tonight.  Apparently John likes Queen songs.  Perhaps he’ll like my rendition of “I want to break free”?  What do you reckon?

Wish me luck.      Lola xxoo


  1. Oh my goodness... how do you resist those eyes!
    She's a sweetie that's for sure.
    Elly (nb Parisien Star)

    1. Not easy! She's certainly a busy little lady! Looking forwrd sto the time we can take her out and get cruising. xxoo

  2. Good Luck with the sleepless nights. How can you resist those whimpers?
    Good job they don't last too long.
    all the best
    Bob, June and Phoenix
    Nb Autumn Myst

    1. We can't!! She's certainly a busy little thing and harder work than I rememner the Cavaliers being! Can't wait to be able to take her out and get cruising. What ae your plans for thsi year? Hope to be able to meet up somewhere. xxoo PS Her Kennel Club name is Wispbrook Phoenix!

  3. I am truly amazed that you have held out at night and she isn't snuggled up between you!! She is obviously settling in to her new life and cannot wait to be 'set free' to explore the many delights that await her in the big brave new world.
    See you soon
    Anne xxx

    1. Thanks Anne. Yes! Hope we see you soon. She's growing fast!! xxoo

  4. That poor dog is going to need therapy! Fancy putting her in a JUMPER!!!!
    Our girls won't even go out in a psoh coat never mind a JUMPER!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see her

  5. SWEATER!! The pattern said SWEATER!! I could always knit the girls one each! Second and third attempts should be better!! Looking forward to seeing you. She had her 2nd lot of jabs today. xxoo

  6. She is gorgeous. Muffin has his own blog - have a look

    Linda xx

    1. Yes, we've been checking up on him and think he's lovely too. Didn't take him long to get his paws well and truly under the table! xxoo

  7. How beautiful is she?!?! WOW!!!!