Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Out on Bail ………..

Bail?  Well, in as much as all outstanding fees have been paid, but we are duty bound to return in the second week of May as we are booked to go into the dry dock for blacking and a couple of other things.  We then aim to stay for The Crick Show – 25/26/27th May.  This winter we’ve been in the marina for nearly six months and, I for one, have been in danger of becoming a bit ‘soft’ and over-dependent upon the ease of facilities.  The price for these facilities of course, as well as copious amounts of £££, is the proviso of having moored boats all around you – in front, behind and either side.  Can’t have it all ways!  So, without the National Grid or magical solar panels, I’m now back to asking permission to use the washing machine and ‘Pointless’ and ‘Flog It’ are definite luxuries! 

“We gave a 100 boaters a 100 seconds to say what they most missed when they left the sanctuary of a marina.  Electric hook up is NOT a pointless answer!!”

out 004 (1024x768)

Anyway, yesterday we escaped captivity and have come out onto the Leicester Line heading towards Foxton.  Between Crick and Foxton is one of our favourite stretches of canal but, for one reason after another, despite being moored at Crick over Winter, we have not been this way for three years.  It’s lovely, therefore, to be out once again in this very rural and somewhat secluded area.  Within the first half hour I’d seen long-tailed tits, a green woodpecker and a barn owl.

It’s also good to see a few other boats on the move – good old ‘Canal Time’ – they never fail to be out both early and late in the season.  We also met Bob and Hookna who were making their way back to Crick having been to Welford for blacking and then on to Foxton for a ‘jolly’!  They are going down the Grand Union to London this year so, safe travels you two and we’ll see you next November.  Keep in touch. 

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We haven’t come far!  Up here, to find a nice mooring,  i.e. a good bit of bank and an open view, you don’t have to!  Lola thinks the wide, grassy bank we’ve found near bridge 21 is fantastic fun.  Yes, amazingly we’ve found a stretch of tow-path that isn’t a deep-slidey-squidgy-mud-path!  It only took her twenty minutes to get too cocky jumping on and off the boat and – you’ve guessed it – in she went!!  Head didn’t go under though and she seemed pretty nonplussed by it all!

We’re awaiting a parcel to be delivered to Crick so, seeing as it’s easy to cycle back from here, John is taking the opportunity to begin his list of ‘Spring Time’ maintenance jobs.  Just like Spring Cleaning in a house we like to wait for the warmer Springtime weather and get cleaning and painting.  Yes, right!  So, John is out there now, braving the arctic temperature and doing some pre-blacking preparation that involves the use of a hot air gun!

Those poor little lambs on Cracks Hill – my, how they were bleating when we came passed!  Mick & Lynn are coming to find us on Easter Monday – we are really looking forward to that.


  1. Jill, Matilda Rose27 March 2013 at 15:08

    Not a lot of little Lola when she's wet!

  2. She looks like a drowned rat! Poor thing!