Sunday, 24 March 2013

More About Me……

I might be young and I might be little (certainly not as little as I was three weeks ago though – THEY think I’ve doubled in size!) but there’s now nowhere in this boat of mine that I can’t jump over, up on to or out of!  I  can clamber over the stable door from the cratch side so it’s no good shutting me out there with the top of the door open!  Getting up on the bench is easy-peasy!  THEIR high bed is more of a challenge but there’s a very useful little shelf at the bottom of it!  AND ……………, if they think that crate-thing can keep me imprisoned when THEY leave the top open, THEY’VE got another think coming!  Escapism rules, OK?

A sort-of nice vet-man (not nice because he stuck a sharp needle into me but nice because apparently it’s all for my own good) said I can now go out for short walks but I don’t go much on this cold, wet, white stuff everywhere.  I hate to admit it but I need a thicker jumper/sweater!  The one I have is already starting to unravel a bit – possibly due to the fact that I chew it whenever I can but more probably because it’s badly made.  There was a free beginner’s guide to knitting in yesterday’s paper – I suggest that SHE study it very carefully and get those needles clicking again!


  • I’m now 90% reliable about doing ‘you-know-what’ where I’m allowed to do ‘you-know-what’.
  • I know my name.
  • I respond to my whistle.
  • I know the words ‘sit’, ‘no’, ‘bib-bib’ and ‘down’          AND …………
  • I can shake a paw when asked to!

Not bad for less than 12 weeks old I’d say!  Those tiny, tasty treats sure work a treat!

I’ve come on board to be a boat dog but, at the moment, I seem to be doing a lot of floating but no active boating!  There was some talk amongst THEM about going out to a place called Foxton for Easter but, having seen all the white stuff and the weather forecast for next week, I think THEY’VE gone all woosey and pathetic and are having second thoughts.

Lola in the snow! 005


It seems that things are frequently going wrong on boats – HE has been busy replacing the water gauge and doing some sort of repair to THEIR toilet.  The only attention my loo needs is the daily replacement of the puppy pads and making sure the automatic air freshener is still working!

        Lola xxoo


  1. Well well Lola posting on You tube, the oldies must be very proud!!
    She is certainly growing fast!!

  2. Took a bit of doing, THEY will interfere!!! As for growing, THEY aint seen nuffing yet!

  3. Hi Lola keep up the good work, it takes a while to get these humans trained but you will soon get there if you are persistent, they are quite feeble really. It did not take me long to get my two trained.
    Hope to see you on the cut before I go off to university in Leamington.
    Must say I was very impressed with your Utube video.
    Lots of whoofs and wags
    Nb Autumnmyst

  4. Hi Phoenix,
    Thanks for that. I impressed myself with the video, what did you think of the escape technique? COOL hah!
    As for "Seeing Me IN the cut", where were you? I went in, Dad had to rescue me. One minute I was running about like a Banshee on the grassy towpath, then, Plop, I was all wet. Freeeeeeeeezing but I did get my first warm shower after. Must go, things to interfere with. Bye. XXOO

  5. Adorable, Lola. Thank you very much for the update! Now you stay out of trouble, and out of the canal!