Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Case of Neglect?

What’s happened?

It used to be all about me!

Humans are just SO fickle!  I have, therefore, hijacked the computer to put things right!

Now that I’m 6 months old I’m such a good girl!  Well, that is if you don’t count the fact that I still pull like fury on the lead and still go absolutely bonkers when I meet other people and other dogs!!  Apart from that ………… I’m definitely close to being perfect!!

Life continues to present me with new experiences and challenges:-

I love playing ‘the rope game’!  I do like to try and help.  Dad has very kindly just bought all new ropes too!

Kesandra 015 (1024x768)

I adored my first trip to a lovely sandy beach:-

John in Lancashire 024 (1024x768)            John in Lancashire 015 (1024x768)

And, I don’t  know where this is leading but I did quite enjoy it:-


Anyway, as you can see I’m having a lovely time being ‘a boat dog’.

Lots of love,    Lola xxoo


  1. Oh Lola, enjoy it while you can..... Rosie is coming!!!! (play Jaws music)
    See you soon

    1. She is so in need of a friend!!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo

  2. Hi Angela and Lola! Been very interested in your blog but mostly as an outsider observing. But now we need help aboard the good ship Kalamazoo. We are in Worsley and are in need of an electrician. Desperately. Before we do the Ribble crossing!! Have you still got a contact for Roger? Plus a surname? Please can you contact me on
    Thank you in anticipation.

    1. Will do.
      Roger was great - it's so good to find someone reliable, fair and capable. A good man! I have wanted to do the ribble link but skipper thinks we are too close for comfort re length of boat. Will watch your progress. Take care. xxoo

  3. Hi Angela, John and Lola, I have been following your blog since you first sent me the link, it looks like Lola is having a ball! I love to see the pictures of her, hope you are all well, Effie

  4. Thanks, Effie. Yes, boat dogs have a pretty good time! All that access to lovely walks! She is adorable and gets more so every week! She is so affectionate. We are struggling re her walking on a lead though! Any advice? If you have news or pictures of any of her siblings we would love to see them to see how she compares. xxoo

  5. I emailed you some pictures, wasnt sure how to add them on here, hope you got them, also for the pulling on the lead I always use halti's on my dogs and it certainly helps,take care, Effie

    1. Thanks Effie. It was really good to see them. I especially liked the one of Cookie and her big friends. We are now on harness 4!! xxoo Seems to be working!!

  6. I am very glad you've found your sea legs.