Saturday, 20 July 2013

Re-Union with The River Weaver

We are on The River Weaver!  We have been here once before but that was five years ago.  To my amazement, all our details were still on record!

The River Weaver is 50 miles in length rising in the Peckforton Hills through the heart of Cheshire to join the Mersey Estuary.  It was made navigable in the 18th century to allow salt to be carried along it from various points downstream to Runcorn.  The Anderton Boat Lift links the river with The Trent & Mersey Canal.  The Lift was constructed back in 1875!  In 1983 it was found to be badly corroded and closed down.  After a long and tireless campaign to raise funds and support for its restoration, it was finally re-opened in 2002.  It has been nicknamed ‘The Cathedral of the Canals’ and has become an enormously popular tourist attraction.  Boaters with a valid licence can travel on it free of charge.

So, today, down on The Anderton Lift we went, this time with our friends on n/b Kesandra.  We are now moored up just before the official visitor moorings leading up to Saltersford Lock and it’s lovely.  We have already had two sightings of a kingfisher – probably the same one going there and back but who cares!

here come the Allebones

Wait for us!  Here we come!

ready to go down

Going down.

these are coming up

Coming up!

leaving the lift

Leaving the Lift and what an amazing structure it is.

Mr Cool

Heading downstream and how cool is that steering!!!!!!!!



  1. Wow that looks fantastic. xxx

  2. It's an amazing structure. Actually, going up and down is a bit of an anti-climax - you're just in a tank really!! I love being on a river though - even if it has started to rain!! Better it rains now than on 10th August. SO proud of Mick - what an amazing achievement at any age!! xxoo

  3. Lifts look cool! I want to try one! Right along with a tunnel or two!