Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cattle Country

I didn’t used to be scared of cows – that is until we had some ‘buttock clenching moments’ whilst out and about with Maggie and Maisie.  Now, I’m simply a yellow belly!

We have been exploring the lower region of The Weaver Valley.  It’s very rural  and very lovely and full of crops and …….. cows!

Where does the footpath to the woods go?Cattle country 006 (1024x768)

Cattle country 015 (1024x768)

Yes, there he was right by the entrance to the stile!

Along with all the members of his family ………    

“Let’s go on to the next marked footpath then …….”

AND ………..



Cattle country 017 (1024x768)

Cattle country 016 (1024x768)

there they all were!

Where does the footpath go?  Right through the middle of them all!  

Lola found the trough – fortunately it was empty!  So often these are full of scanky water!



So, another detour then!  We went down the side of the adjoining field, clambered over a bit of a fence (where others before us had obviously gone too!), skirted along the top edge of the field (avoiding eye contact at all times!) and scrambled to the gate where only a couple of youngsters had gathered.  Phew!  Discard long stick which had been foraged ……. just in case!

We ended up doing a lovely five mile walk with only one other field of cattle to negotiate.

Here we are moored up for the night at the bottom of Dutton Locks:-

Cattle country 014 (1024x768)

We had some heavy rain over night but now the sun is out again and there’s lots of blue sky. 

Whilst being downstream from Anderton we’ve seen a steady trickle of boats but most don’t seem to linger for long – we’ve seen some go down to the end of navigation and back again on the same day.  As with most rivers mooring spots are limited.  It’s a shame because the countryside is beautiful and, certainly as far as Sutton Swing Bridge, seems to be the haunt of herons.  What it needs are a couple of strategically placed floating pontoons like there are on The Witham!  Dream On!!


  1. Hate to tell you this my little poppet, but that's NOT a cow. Bulls are generally harmless, especially if they have ladies to occupy their time. On the other hand if they've got some yippy-yappy dog at their feet, that does tend to irritate

  2. He didn't look very harmless to me!!

  3. I say, how do you keep the dogs from chasing the cattle?! That big boy would NOT be happy if his heels got nipped.