Thursday, 29 May 2014

As Time Goes By ………

Just a few snippets of the last week:-

The making of the new boarding plank (480x640)


The making of the new boarding plank.

We now have one surplus to requirements!





Walking in the countryside:-

Sometimes you see sights that just amuse:-

Little &Large (480x640)            Wellie store (640x480)

Other times you come across things that cause anger and frustration!!

fly tipping (640x480)        a stile is somewhere under here (480x640)        0 out of 10 (480x640)

And when friends come to visit, it’s just perfect!  We had a lovely few days at Audlem whilst the music festival was going on.  During the festival in excess of 70 different musical acts performed in the pubs, church and scout hall.  Yes, we ate too much and definitely drank too much but we tried to balance it with a bit of exercise too!

Audlem 14 014          Audlem 14 016 (640x480)          Audlem 14 017 (640x480)

Nantwich is a lovely old town. In Medieval times it was apparently the chief salt producing town in Cheshire. This is where Mick & Lynn stayed (we think?) – Rosie & Molly’s accommodation was much more modest - on board with us – but they seemed happy enough.

Nantwich (640x480)

Walking around Nantwich yesterday we came across a little bit of yesteryear and thought this very special and very precious:-

A precious bit of the past (640x480)

You will be pleased to know, Lynn, that John managed to get himself a new pair of shoes quite painlessly so no more wet socks or dangers of tripping up!  We also managed to find a Screwfix to get another TV aerial but it felt like we had walked half way to Crewe!   So, market day in Nantwich today – I do love mooching around a good market.  A legacy from my mum I think.  Fed up now with all the rain but ……………………. what can you do?!  Should be on the Llangollen by the weekend.



  1. Ann nb Oakfield29 May 2014 at 12:08

    That little garage reminds me of that lovely TV programme called "Heartbeat"

  2. We had a wonderful few days too, and yes, that is where we stayed.... Quirky hardly does it justice!
    Glad to hear about the shoes John will have much cleaner socks now!!
    We have Harry and three extra dogs at the moment, absolute mad house. No other news!!!! Xxxx

  3. I'm making a list of places to eat. Crown Mews is now on the list!