Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Lovely Month of May

So far our first couple of days out of the marina have turned out to be the most eventful!  From Norton Junction to Braunston it’s only a few miles:-

  • The tunnel was completely clear of fumes!  Also, the water was crystal clear – something I’ve not seen before.  The tunnel roof and sides were clearly reflected in the water and you could see right down to the bottom.  Amazing!
  • At the top of the flight we found ourselves behind a single-handed lady taking professional instruction about how to work a flight of locks on her own.  So ……………… no one was allowed to give her any help.  She did really well but, inevitably, it was rather slow going for those of us following.  We ‘overtook’ after the third lock.
  • A boat had to be pulled out of the bottom lock manually as, whilst in the lock, the tiller just snapped off at the bottom!
  • When we were in the bottom lock the skipper of the boat accompanying us got himself caught up on the cill.  Fortunately, those of us locking saw what was happening and rapidly averted the potential disaster.

Since then nothing particularly eventful has happened – we’ve just been trundling along!  With the weather being so lovely over the Bank Holiday weekend we thought here on the Coventry canal it would be really busy but it’s been totally the opposite – so, so quiet.

It’s all too easy to take simple, but nevertheless, special things for granted though is it not?

Bluebells at Hartshill


The bluebells in the woods at Hartshill Hayes are absolutely stunning at the moment.




We’ve only seen one brood of cygnets – nine in all – but I didn’t have the camera with me.  Ducklings, however, abound.

Out looking for brekfast

This little family of seven ducklings were out getting breakfast in the rain and then mum decided enough was enough, got herself and them onto the bank and tucked them all under her wings. 

                                   What a mum!!  There are 7 under there, I promise!

                                          What a good mum!

We stopped by ‘The Little Chimney Boat Co’ to order Ben a special chimney for his barge.  Actually, that was just an excuse – what we REALLY wanted was a Cavalier –Fix!

Lily and Daisy (640x480)

                         I’m sure Lola would love a little sister!

                                  One man and his dog

Something else that caught my attention whilst walking Lola this morning was a collection of old motor cars.  There were big, posh old Rolls and Bentleys but, personally, I would choose this one:-

Oh, how I would love one!

We are now at Fradley Junction and we’ve never seen the visitor moorings so empty.  We’re staying here now for a couple of days as our friends Chris and Ray, who now live in Cypress, are over here visiting friends and family- us included.  It will be lovely to catch up with them as a lot has happened to us all since we last saw them.  Then, onward to Great Haywood.


  1. Two dogs are always better than one...go for it and get Lola a little brother or sister! Good to see you back on the cut, we must meet and catch up

    1. Thanks Lesley,
      Yes, it's good to be back on board. Most of our married life we've had two dogs not one so .........................!! Really feel we ought to rescue one though - it's just a case of getting something sorted out and would really like another cavalier.
      Although not left you comments haven't stopped following your movements so-to-speak!!!! Should be lovely down on the Weaver this time of year.
      A xxoo

  2. Wozie nb Oakfield9 May 2014 at 01:14

    Lovely pics as usual Ange, I also like the little Austin, it brings back memories of my childhood when Dad had one.
    You are right in saying where have all the boats gone? Not many between Foxton and Crick either.

    1. Hi
      My pictures are not a patch on yours! I want some lessons!! If you go back via Crick - get that otter on film - that would be amazing!!
      Take care. Safe cruising. A xxoo

  3. I would really love to do what you are doing! Every place you visit is so beautiful.