Friday, 23 May 2014

Complete U Turn ……

Four Counties Ring in 6 days?  With a large enough crew – what a great idea!  We were fortunate enough to have such a crew (eight of them) behind us going down the Audlem Flight and they had to get a move on ……………………. God BlessWhat luck! With lots of crew wielding windlasses and setting locks progress was rapid.  The three single-handers (two going up and one going down) couldn’t believe their luck either!

The following map is for my dear friend, Mick, who wanted to know details of the route:-

Four Counties Ring

109 miles and 94 locks.

We are now moored at Audlem and there is a Music Festival kicking off tonight so that should be interesting.  It’s all been rather ’last minute’ but Mick and Lynn have managed to book a room in a hotel in Nantwich and are coming to find us for part of the weekend.


At this time of year I inevitably find myself thinking sympathetically of all those youngsters who are busily sitting exams. For the records, John used to be really good at maths.  Many years ago, it was only with his extra tutelage in my parents’ front room (!!!!), that I managed to scrape through O Level maths.  However, I don’t think he himself would pass today if he had to re-sit on account of his now very poor understanding of fractions.  I have an excuse because I was never any good at them in the first place but John USED to be exceptional.     The following picture demonstrates his current idea of half !!!!!!!!!!

John's idea of half!! (480x640)

“I rest my case”, as Mr Elliot would say!  I suppose it all helps the economy.

I wonder how good at fractions Mick and Lynn are? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As good as us I suspect!



  1. Blog duly checked! Maybe John meant there is only half a glass left!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, will get there as soon as we can. Nice to have you back on the blogosphere xxxxxx

  2. John N/B Ellen23 May 2014 at 10:14

    Lynn my darling, you are of cause, absolutely right, that is exactly what I meant. What's more, it's MY half glass!!!!
    Also looking forward to seeing you Sun&Mon, Music Fest. + Cheap beer sounds good too to be true, the beer I can vouche for so San Fairy Anne to the Festl see! P.S. Sayings were not my strong point..

  3. 109 miles and 94 locks?!?!?! Y'all got a workout on that trip!!!