Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I have just seen the first bats of the year! Now, to some people, getting excited about something like that will be considered really sad but to me it's fantastic! I love watching them swooping above and around the boat. I just wish I knew different types from their flight patterns but I'm not that clever! I really didn't think bats re-emerged this early in the year - just shows what you can still learn in the twilight years of one's life!!

The tawny owls have just started hooting (Maggie cannot resist joining in!) and the heating system has just packed up .....again!!!

If there's one thing I have come to accept about living on a boat is that something is always going wrong!!!!


  1. No escape now we ARE watching you!!!

  2. WOW! Others who love bats! I'm a caver (cave explorer) and bats area among my favorite creatures!

    Ask the Limey (Derek) who I am!