Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Creation of a Blog Site?

I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing or not here but ......................... if this works, close friends and family will finally be able to keep their beedy eyes on what John and I are up to and when!!! Lots to learn as yet about how to operate this as a blog site but, hopefully, I will be able to keep people up to date with news and pictures.
At the moment we are at Stoke Bruerne on our way down to Brentford to meet Ben with his narrowboat, April Love. there is a lovely old thathed pub here called The Boat and we like it especially because they are dog friendly!! I have issues regarding dogs and pubs - will get around to publishing my thoughts at some point!! This old pub has a lovely sign though!

Spring is definitely here - the little lambs are bouncing, the ducks, swans and geese have paired up and the birds are twitering in the trees.
Lots of other boaters seem to have come out of hibernation and the waterways are getting busier.
Well, I'm now going to post this and see if it works!!

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  1. wow! it works! Wonderful to see the pictures and catch up on where you are. Lynn's right - there's no escape now!