Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Feeling Privileged

Well ............... today the weather has been so much nicer than yesterday. We have had bright sunshine all day and no rain. We arrived at the Tring Reservoirs shorty after lunch time. Then went for a lovely walk around the reservoirs. We are moored up just by one of the reservoirs. Again today, very little in the way of boat movement - we love it!!!
DON ASFORD!!!! If you are not a camp follower, WHY NOT??? Apparently there are Bearded tits and Bitterns just a few metres in the reed beds from the boat as I type!!!!! Yawn, Yawn!!!!!
Tomorrow, we need to get a bit of a move on to reach Berkhamstead as Mr Rodney Rogers (boat inspector) is to join us on Thursday for a whole week.
THIS IS A RASH THOUGHT BUT ...... I MIGHT ...... get up early in the morning and walk to the reed bed ..... just for a look and a listen!!!
Given more time, I could actually stay here for several days quite happily.


  1. Get up early? What before 10? Get away!!!!
    As if that's likely to happen!!

  2. You know me too well!! It DIDN'T happen!!! xxoo