Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Coots get Social Housing Benefit

Today we left Cowley and went to Paddington Basin ..... and began our way back again. The Paddington Arm goes through the highly desirable areas of Southall, Greenford, Northolt and Wembley. We passed Kensal Green Cemetary where the revered Isambard Kingdom Brunel is buried. (It's an enormous cemetary with many, many residents!). Before reaching Little Venice there is an area of numerous flats and where every possible surface has grafitti on it. Who is Toxo 9?!!!! No one should ever complain about Staines again! Even the coots were entitled to housing benefits and were keen to re-cycle.

Little Venice itself is a nice area and interesting. All the old iron bridges are painted in bright colours. There IS some visitor mooring but 'visitors' seemed to be overstaying the time limit and we could find no space to stop ourselves.

We continued into the basin at Paddington. What an upper class buiding site it is!!! If anyone thought that no building work is being carried out in Britain because of the recession they are wrong. When it is all completed it will be a very desirable residential and commercial area. It is actually very close to major London attractions and has good free moorings for seven days if one wants to explore London.

We are glad we went but won't rush back.

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  1. Steady, going into London probably a bit scary for you!
    How was the boat inspectors visit, hope you passed muster!
    Have a good Easter off to The Wirral!!!!!!