Thursday, 9 April 2009

It never rains but ......!

Since Rodney left us to go home, things have been really busy. Ben and his friend, Vince, met us on Thursday 2nd April at Hayes and together we made our way to Denham for the evening's mooring. Each day we have set off fairly early (well, for us anyway!) making our way towards Braunston. Vince stayed with us until we reached Tring on Tuesday. I was REALLY grateful that he was there as anyone who has travelled the Grand Union from Brentford knows how heavily locked it is especially the section from Brentford to Tring!!

1st problem: Ben noticed a knocking sound on the prop shaft. Clearly it wasn't going to rectify itself so we called into Cow Roast Marina where a REALLY helful chap sorted it out! It did cost us 1/2 a day's cruising time, however. The next day we reached Leighton Buzzard and stopped to do some shopping. We had made good time and felt that we were nearly back on track.

2nd problem: Starter Motor on "April Love" wouldn't start!! We are still here and John and Ben have cycled to a boat yard 5 miles away where we hope it can either be fixed or replaced.
When Teresa came to collect Vince on Tuesday, Becky came with her and stayed - I hope things radically improve so that she is glad she did!!
Whatever happens, we must now put in some long hours if we are to get to Braunston in time.
Fingers crossed for a genius to be employed at Willowbridge Boatyard.
Still seem to be very few boats on the move where we are anyway. Wyvern Shipping have about 30 hire boats in their fleet and only three are still moored up! They must all have gone towards Stoke Bruerne and Braunston!!!!

Father and Son chatting - about amps probably!!!

Becky steering "April Love" down the Tring flight.

I'm going to take Maggie for a walk now and top up on my vitamin D3!!


  1. oh dear. I hope things improve. A problem shared is a problem halved1 Love P

  2. Thanks for following, Pauline. If I think no one is reading I will give up! Become an official followe (I don't know how!) but you can post your picture on our blog!!!!
    Take care. Hope Peggy is ok. Have sent her a card and she is very much in my thoughts. xxoo