Saturday, 11 April 2009

Destination in sight!

We are now sitting at the bottom of the Bucky Flight of locks opposite Whilton Marina. Ben had a long day fixing the last problem with "April Love" but after soldering wires and replacing a start battery we were up and running. We have had two long cruising days to get where we are now. And the last two days have been wet and cold. Stoke Bruerne on Good Friday was unbelievable! There is a lot of mooring space between locks 5 and 6 but it was all filled up! We squeezed in at the very top and breasted up.
Braunston tomorrow - only 13 locks for me to do!!!


  1. well you made it as we saw ya there lovely to meet you We will follow your blog so keep it going Eileen and Ric

  2. Breasted up heh!!
    Sent the e-mail! Home form our lovely time, at least the weather was fantastic