Thursday, 16 April 2009

Mission Accomplished

Just to say that, today, "April Love" was finally sold and has chugged off towards Brinklow with her new owner. I suspect that she will never again look as good as she does today. The surveyor said that it was amongst the best maintained and cleanest boat that he has ever had to inspect and that the new owner had got a real bargain.

Becky's mum and Keith drove up to collect them and take them back to Staines. Judging from the amount of stuff in the car I suspect that top speed was about 30 m.p.h.!

It has rained most of the day and the towpath where we were was getting muddier and muddier so we have moved towards Napton to one of my favourite spots - by Bridge 103. We have lots of sheep and lambs for company and, hopefully, we will also get a glimpse of the barn owl we saw hunting the last time we moored here.

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  1. So glad they have sold April Love are they ok?
    Talk soon!!