Monday, 27 April 2009

It can't be sunny every day

Well of course it can't but I really feel that I ought to show a balanced picture of Life on the Cut.

Today, as across most of the U.K. it would seem, it has rained continually. We travelled 5 miles and 6 locks to Banbury - in the rain - and didn't see another boat on the move until we got to Banbury. We passed through the lovely little village of Cropredy - a little tourist hot-spot.

The land does need the rain though - a couple of days ago we went for a long walk across the fields and some of the ground was badly cracked as it was so dry.

In actual fact, as long as I'm warm and dry, I don't mind the type of soft rain that we have had today. Just like the weather can affect our moods I think it affects the mood of the countryside and I like that! On a more sensible note, working through locks in the wet can be slippery and, therefore, hazardous and needs to be approached with caution.

I really like Banbury. The canal is a central part of the town and maintained to a high standard. Boaters are made to feel really welcome. It has a good under-cover shopping centre with well known chain stores but what I like about it most of all are the original streets and alleyways and individual shops that remain. We need to take Maggie to a vet to have her booster injections.


  1. Great picture!!
    Hark at you coming over all lyrical, the rain is a pain in the proverbial, I hate getting wet going into schools AND my hair goes all fluffy!!!!!!!!

  2. You need to get yourself a prat-hat as in photo! No rain can get through that to fluff up hair!! Will ring later!

  3. Hi Ya, it would seem that the pictures on the left & right can be made bigger, the centre ones can't. We wont be putting them there any more, will we!