Monday, 20 April 2009

This is the life

Being on our boat today - the weather being as glorious as it is, the location (still at bridge 103 on the South Oxford!) as perfect as it is, a brood of 12 tiny ducklings pecking away at the green on the boat, two hares in the field opposite and, a first for me, 2 tiny balls of lapwing fluff on long spindly legs running about in the growing cereal crop (I know not what) with mum keeping a watchful eye - IS what this life is meant to be all about.
Bridge 103! Yes, today, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives!
View of Bush Hill from our mooring.
John says I am waxing lyrical but .... I don't care!!


  1. John's right!! Here I am tied to my laptop and the sun is shining... still we had a lovely BBQ yesterday and the garden is looking fab!

  2. Indeed it is what life is all about - sadly I am still in the office! My turn will come. Love to you both. Anne.x