Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Sunday

We tackled both the Buckby and Braunston flights on Easter Sunday. It was heaving with boats - both private and hire boats. Other than those reliant on their savings, what recession I ask myself! We arrived in Braunston along with a million, billion, trillion others!!! Still, I'm really pleased for canal based businesses and canal side towns and villages.

"April Love" is now in the dry dock being blacked and surveyed in readiness for being sold.

Our friends Rodney and Derek are up here in Crick Marina and we are meeting them for a meal in a pub tonight - we are going to try The Plough in Braunston village as they will allow dogs in the public bar.

Anyone who knows Rodney and Derek will "enjoy" the fact that they attempted to take Rodney's boat out for a cruise but broke down after about 10 minutes! Oh, Rodney!!!!!

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  1. You have done very well Angela enjoyed reading your blog. Lynne and Paul