Thursday, 14 May 2009

Disaster strikes

It's amazing how quickly accidents happen!
Up to now we have been very lucky - we haven't done any serious damage to the boat but.......
today going into Grafton Lock whilst the keeper was on his lunch break we only opened one gate.


The boat got a bit out of line and the cratch board ended up having an argument with the walk way of the lock.  The cratch board, of course,  lost - big time!!  In fact, it was ripped right off.
Initially we thought it was a total right off but, as politicians might say ....... some green shoots are beginning to emerge!  We will see but whatever happens it won't be an easy fix.

I thought it was a very drastic way to get rid of the eight legged creatures who are enthusiastic 
stowaways in that area of our boat!

"Ellen" without her
 covered cratch area.
Poorly-sick cratch-board!

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