Monday, 25 May 2009

NOT for the Faint-Hearted

Today, I am going to feature something which is high on the conversation list amongst boaters - things lavatorial!  Now if this subject makes you feel nauseous or queasy, then log off now!  You have been warned!

When we bought the boat we inherited from the previous owner a self pump out kit - this is for the marvellous task of emptying the loo tank!  Of course this can be done easily at marinas and boat yards - all you have to do is pay!  I am well cheesed off at the moment because I think some of them are charging extortionate prices.  SO....... when we saw somewhere in Cropredy where we could utilise our own equipment and do it ourselves .........!!!!  This has been only the second place we have come across where it has been legitimate to pump out your own loo.  This is the magic sign:-

It was exhausting and only took about an hour!!  We did share all that pumping though!  Never mind.  What is the point of carrying equipment around with us and not using it when we need to and we can?  Besides, John now has a beer fund in readiness for when we are with the Trotters (Derek & Rodney) next week.

On a much more pleasant note:-  "Ellen's" rear end is looking pert and sexy once again!  We have been looking for new rear fenders for ages but it was really difficult to find exactly what we wanted.  In the end we got them through "The Fender Man" (!) at Broadmoor Lock.  A definite result I am sure you will agree!
                                                                                     Smart new fenders!

Old rear fenders which owed         
us absolutely nothing!


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