Monday, 11 May 2009

Wind and Sun

We have been making our way - slowly - up the Thames towards Letchlade.  Some days have been incredibly windy, others incredibly warm and sunny!  The area is so pretty - very rural and undeveloped because of the flood plain.  Both sides of the river are water meadows currently blanketed with buttercups. 

This was not the case in July 2007 when the area was badly flooded - it must have been very scary being stuck here on a boat then.  From the level of the river at the moment I estimate that the water rose at least 10 feet.

On Saturday afternoon and evening we were moored at Bablock Hythe near the Ferryman Inn.  There was obviously road access and a large playing field right by the boat so Gary and Joan (The Mealings from Wargrave) and Betty came to find us and we had a barbecue.  They stayed the night but had to go home on Sunday morning because of work commitments.  Shame.  Really good to see them - hope to catch up again soon.

Was it really that 


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