Sunday, 24 May 2009

End of May Bank Holiday

Whatever has happened?  A hot, sunny Bank Holiday weekend in Britain?  How eerie is that?!
For the first time in about 10 yers we decided to give the Crick Show a miss because it's always a wash out!!  I'm really pleased actually because they deserve some good weather and I hope everything has been very successful.

Since leaving the river we have been, as John says, "getting a wiggle on!"  This has meant setting off at least by 9am and cruising  until 4 or 5pm.  A lot for us!  It certainly wasn't intentional but we arrived in Banbury about 2pm yesterday.  By the time we had eaten lunch and visited Morrisons 3 times!  Yes, 3 times! it was gone 5pm.  We didn't think for one minute that we would be able to moor at the Town Quay at that time of day but ................... there was a choice of spaces!  It was all very quiet even for a Bank Holiday Saturday.

Those 3 visits to Morrisons!  In my defence, we are meeting Rodney and Derek in Rodney's boat, n/b "Akela" at Napton Junction next Saturday and together we plan to cruise to Gas Street Basin in the centre of Birmingham.  Catering is down to me for about the first 5 days so I have tried to stock up as much as possible whilst I can.

I do have reservations about going into Birmingham but we feel we ought to do it!

We are currently just outside of Cropedy as we wanted to stop to watch the Grand Prix.  John is busy at the moment repairing some of  the damage we did to the cratch board.  I hope he's remembered the sun tan lotion - might be the only opportunity to justify having it in the cupboard for yet another year!

What fantastic parents swans are!  This is the patch of a family of mum, dad and 5 cygnets. Earlier, one of the cygnets got fishing line wrapped around it's neck and, obviously, couldn't swim off with the others.  Those parents would not leave it.  Neither were they happy letting people get too close but, eventually, a joint effort of about 6 of us - 2 on a boat - managed to cut the line and free it.  A good feeling was experienced by all.

All five cygnets Safe & Sound again!
I get far too emotionally involved with these dramas but I don't know how to distance myself!!

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