Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Centre of Birmingham

Well I never thought I would say this but ................... the canalside centre of Birmingham is absolutely lovely! Gas Street Basin is not how I imagined it to be - I thought it would be a larger area than it actually is - but together with The Mailbox and NIA areas the whole place is fabulous.

Everywhere is so clean and orderly - I have not seen any litter anywhere (not even a fag end!) and the presence of security guards is noticeable. The only thing is the lack of a bit of grass for Maggie! We have just sat and watched the Turkish Grand Prix moored in the shadow of the NIA. How cool is that!!

Yesterday afternoon, in the rain, we followed Rodney through the centre of the system and I have to admit that I think it is fantastic that he has been able to do this.

The approach into Birmingham, however, was much the same as with other large towns and cities - rubbish and graffiti everywhere. Yet again, it makes me ashamed of the human race.

Tomorrow, Rodney and Derek will be making their way towards the Coventry canal to get back to Crick and John and I will be heading off towards Worcester.

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  1. Sound like it is all going soooo well. Hope you are now thinking about heading towards Uley 'cos at the moment yu are heading in the wrong direction!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you very soon
    L & M xxxxx