Thursday, 18 June 2009

Funeral for some Friends

For the special attention of Anne Elliott who saw this sad day coming ........
These boots have been our faithful friends and served us well for many, many years but, yes Anne, yet again you are right! John's boots are now leaking and mine? ......... Worn out! The heels have almost disappeared and so have the circular grips on the soles. They also are leaking and are now b***** uncomfortable! Time to go to that great Millets in the Sky. We are now in Worcester so I'm sure they can be replaced here.


"Goodbye Norma & Jean & Gladys & Doris
Though we love you and you have served us well -


For years and years you never let the socks get soggy when the rain set in.
And your footsteps constantly tramped over miles of Britain's countryside
But, unfortunately, your soles wore out -
Long before your leather ever will!"

It has been suggested that you are permanently displayed on the roof of the boat! Planted up with flowers? !!!!!!!!!!!! John thinks we should advertise you on e-bay as Bygones and sell you on!!!


  1. May your old faithfuls RIP !!!
    Definately think they should be 'recycled' onto the roof - you know the passing public love to see your enhanced roof!! I think a 'boot retirement zone' would be lovely.
    (Sorry John x x x )
    Hope to call when get a spare mo to see if we can track you down at the end of summer for a weekend.
    Lots of love
    Anne. xxx

  2. Put them in the next bin you come to you don't have the space for 'clutter'!!!!!!
    Much love looking forward to seeing you (and your new boots!)
    Lynn xx