Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cuckoos in the nest

Cuckoos in the nest in more ways than one!

Every year boaters who have boats, like "Ellen" built by the legendary (it would seem) Les Allen and Sons are invited to get together - 'A Gathering'. Although it is not really our type of thing, we have been once before and, as this years meeting place was on route, we thought we would give it another go! As I say, cuckoos in the nest.

In actual fact, the Allen Gathering itself is a cuckoo this year because it has wheedled it's way into the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Worcester & Birmingham Canal Society which is being held at Tardebigge New Wharf. This is the first time we have been on this canal and it looks really nice - I'm even looking forward to going down all 30 of the Tardebigge locks in one go!

On Friday and Saturday evenings food and entertainment are being laid on in the new community centre a short walk across the field. Rumour has it that there are also stalls and Morris Dancing at some point over the weekend but communication (at least as far as we are concerned) has been virtually nil! I think a Social Secretary is badly needed .......... but I am not offering!

Everyone seems to know other boaters ................ except us!
Billy-no-Mates!! Oh well, the entertainment is good and ...... we will live and learn ....
................. or will we??!!


  1. So thats a start eh.... Next year you will know more people !!! Stick with it.