Friday, 5 June 2009

Tackling The Hatton Flight

Yesterday we left the Saltisford Arm ready in both mind and body (!) to tackle the 21 double locks of the Hatton Flight. The weather was perfect - not too hot but warm and dry.

Rodney tells me that never in his wildest dreams did he think that, one day, he would be navigating his own boat up this renown flight of locks. We were actually very proud of ourselves as we did it in 4 hours. We only met 2 boats coming down.

"Ellen" half way up the flight.

Today we have gone a bridge too far! Actually, it's been several bridges too far. We decided to go up the Lapworth Flight on the North Stratford Canal for our approach to Birmingham - 20 locks this time and single! I feel that I should have muscles like Popeye and be as skinny as Olive Oil ................. neither is happening! We continued then - all for the sake of a pub - and didn't stop until 6.30pm. The sunshine has gone - it's raining quite heavily.

On to Gas Street Basin in the centre of Birmingham tomorrow. Definite reservations!

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