Sunday, 9 August 2009

All in the name of 'Friendship'

Yesterday we cycled overthe M5 to Uley on the edge of the Cotswolds. Why? Because in a week's time Mick and Lynn are coming to find us. They have booked a cottage for the week in the village of Uley and we wanted to find out how easy/not-so-easy it was going to be for us to reach them.
Eight miles there - the first five were fine but the last three, because it was then uphill almost all of the way, were quite treacherous!

However, we did it! In an hour and a half!

We found the lovely old village pub called "The Crown" - good food, good beer, good cider and a nice little beer garden.
We found the lovely little Post Office - friendly Post Master, well-stocked shop and Mick .................. he sells papers!
We didn't find 'Juniper Cottage' because we weren't that organised but we did find this one!!
"Petrol Pump Cottage"?

John, (alias Thor) the Prince of Thunder,
Went riding on his Brompton.
"I'm Thor", he cried,
The bike replied,
"Well where's your superior sized, gel-padded thaddle thilly?"!!

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