Thursday, 27 August 2009

Technical Business!

At the risk of boring you all to tears ........ (NO _ Nothing about amps I promise!!)

Since Monday we have been to-ing and fro-ing to a boatyard to have some work done on the fuel system. First of all we have had a water separator and sedimentor filter fitted! Impressed or what?!! Hopefully, this will prevent water and the dreaded diesel bug from reaching the fuel filters.
This happened last year and we conked out in the depths of the Chirk Tunnel!

Secondly, a replacement fuel lift pump has been fitted. This was necessary because the old one was leaking diesel into the engine and out of the engine. Not good if you are an old Gardiner engine ...... or a wife with a whiffy nose for diesel!

£££££ Londoners alert! You know how we are led to believe that things are cheaper outside of London? Well, they're not and that includes the price of labour! However, John is very relieved that he hasn't had to do this himself as it certainly wasn't a straight forward job and there were lots of complications - unfortunately for us, all on an hourly rate!

We have also had a new isolator switch but that's by-the-by. See .................... it's not ALL socialising and exploring!

The Dreaded Diesel Bug! We have been struggling to get rid of this for about 4 years!!

Nicer news:- Yesterday Rodney and Gill drove all the way to Saul Junction to come and spend the day with us. It was great for me to be able to spend time with my very special mate - we went for a walk all around Frampton for about 2 hours. The wall-to-wall rain that was forecast didn't actually happen.

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