Wednesday, 2 September 2009

On the Move!

I know! I can hardly believe it myself but ................. we have finally (after about seven weeks) torn ourselves away from the lovely Gloucester & Sharpness Canal!

Today, we have begun going upstream on the Severn towards a place called Stourport. We have stopped at Tewksbury partly because it's pouring with rain and partly because you can't sensibly do this run in one go. Actually, I find the Severn quite tedious because there are steep wooded banks on either side preventing any decent view over the countryside and hardly any choice of moorings. Very few boats have been on the move.

Tomorrow we will attempt to stop at a place called Upton-on-Severn but mooring there is reknowned for being difficult.

Megan & Maisie came to stay with us over the Bank Holiday weekend. It was really nice having them on board. We did some walking, a short cruise and Meg & I had a wander around the shops at Gloucester Quays.

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