Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Back on the Main System

Well - we did cycle to Bewdley and .................. although it was incredibly hard work because it was uphill most of the way, ................ it was worth it because it is a very lovely, unspoilt little town oozing with tourist appeal. I suppose I can see why they don't want lots of barges to arrive at their quay - they obviously don't need the trade. The irony is that there are information boards all along the long river frontage celebrating the trade that Severn Trows used to bring to the town!
Bewdley river frontage

We are now back on the main canal system - on the Staffordshire & Worcester Canal heading towards Great Haywood where we hope to meet up with Anne and John.

Yesterday was a lovely day and we moored up at a little town/village called Kinver. The High Street was surprisingly well stocked with a good variety of shops which makes me feel that it must be a small town rather than a large village! We braved the hard trek uphill to a ridge called Kinver Edge - it was marvellous up there - the views all around were magnificent.

Looking towards The Long Mynde in Shropshire.
There are lots and lots of hire boats on the move - we have even had to queue for a lock!!!
Also, the water levels are down and we got well stuck trying to get into Stewponey Lock - thank goodness there were lots of strong, helpful men at hand to pull the boat into the lock whilst I controlled the paddles and flushed through some extra water.

It is now raining! Why? Because earlier on we decided to take everything off the roof and wash the boat ....... that's why!! Hey, Ho!!

Couldn't go to Stourbridge as previously planned as there has been, yet again, another breach in the arm.

Today, to add to his growing list of descriptives, John has been called a "pillock"! We don't actually know exactly what it is but we know it's not very nice!!!

Life is never boring!

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  1. pillock seems fair! Whose arm was breached? Was it painful? Bewdley looks lovely.
    Mick had first Tuesday off.... Bizarre!!!!!!