Thursday, 10 September 2009

September Sunshine

Glorious sunshine at "The Bratch"

We are having perfect cruising weather! I think it is called "An Indian Summer"?

When I was working I used to take it very personally that as soon as the schools went back after the long Summer break, the sunshine came out! This is now the third successive September that the sun has been shining so now I think it is a wicked, general vendetta against all school workers!

We had a slow journey today to a unique canal feature - it is called "The Bratch" and is three locks sharing pounds BUT NOT a staircase. The journey was slow because we followed a motor boat towing a butty all the way and there were lots of locks to get through including a staircase pair. We passed where Ben's "April Love" was originally moored - good memories!

Need to do some shopping tomorrow (Sandra has told me where to go!) and then we are going to go up the Shroppie a bit to meet our friends Ken & Sandra on "The Floating Palace". The forecast for the next few days is promising so it would be really good if we could have that "virtual" barbecue together to mark the end of this year's cruising and 'celebrate' my forthcoming birthday.

According to my book, this is a "Comma".
It's taken me a long time to appreciate butterflies but ..... they are beautiful!

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