Saturday, 26 September 2009

Test Your Knowledge of British History!

At immense expense we now have super-duper new batteries! Let's now hope 'amps' and 'volts' and 'wattage' become pleasant topics of conversation instead of me wanting to weep into my virtual bowl of cereals every morning!

We have come on to The Ashby Canal - it is well known for being a shallow canal but, at the moment, we are having more than significant trouble getting close enough to the bank to moor up!

Yesterday, we walked around the area famous for "The Battle of Bosworth" so ............... just how much do you know?

A. The Battle of Bosworth Field was part of which war?
  1. The War of the Tulips?
  2. The War of the Roses?
  3. The War of the Pansies?
B. In what English County did the battle take place?
  1. Sutherland?
  2. Powys?
  3. Leicestershire?
C. When did the Battle of Bosworth take place?
  1. 1066?
  2. 1485?
  3. At half past three?
D. Which King lost his crown in the battle?
  1. MacBeth?
  2. Elizabeth I?
  3. Richard III?
E. Who succeeded in winning the battle and which king did he become?
  1. Henry Tudor and he became King Henry VII?
  2. Fat Henry and he became King Henry VIII?
  3. James Henry and he became King James X?
All entries by e-mail please. Full marks just might be rewarded with a glass of red juice when we are back in Staines at Christmas time. If you don't live in or near Staines ......??

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