Friday, 4 September 2009

Take some of it back!

Today we have reached Stourport which is really the head of the navigable Severn. Years ago, boats could apparently go all the way upstream to Shrewsbury - shame we can no longer do that.

Going upstream from Tewkesbury to Stourport on the non-tidal Severn is definitely better than going from Tewkesbury to Gloucester on the tidal section. The banks are still high but there are breaks in the trees and much more of interest to see. Mind you - the sun has been shining so that might have affected my judgement somewhat!!

We DID manage to moor up at Upton-on-Severn! And ....... what a gem! No wonder it is virtually impossible to get anywhere near it in July & August! In today's terms, the High Street is so old fashioned - it's like going back to the 60's. It's quite a long high street with lots of shops and the majority of them are individual time warps. You should see the bike shop (SO not like Halfords!) and the ironmongers! The buildings themselves are also old and full of character.
Really lovely. We should probably have stayed there overnight but we didn't - we carried on to Worcester.

Upton-on-Severn from the river.

In the words of Victor Meldrew ..................... "I don't BELIEVE it!"

This weekend Stourport is holding their River Festival and ................ even worse ............ it is a carnival theme and there is a HUGE, GREAT FUNFAIR!!!!! Sorry all you fans of funfairs (Rosa - you should see this EVIL thing that spins you round and round and upside down!!) but we just don't like them. Anyway, as a consequence, we were unable to moor outside of the basin on the river. We are just onto the canal and it is fine. Hoping to stay here for the weekend - I would like to cycle to Bewdley which is the first little town upstream from here. A few years ago a small flotilla of narrow boats decided to cruise ther/e (because it is still possible) and they were pelted with rotten eggs and tomatoes!!! Obviously the good people of Bewdley do not like barge folk so .............. we will go in disguise! How sneaky is that Mr Martlet?

Passing Worcester Cathedral

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