Tuesday, 18 August 2009

On Holiday with Friends

Well, Mick & Lynn are now safely ensconced in "Juniper Cottage" in the village of Uley and it is really lovely.

The cottage itself is situated next to an old woollen mill and there are fabulous views from the back door.

Up in the hills

Unlike last year, the weather(so far!) is being very good to us so we are meeting up every day and doing a lovely walk with the dogs - sometimes along the River Estuary and canal; sometimes up in the Cotswold Hills. I think this could be a first for us - barbecues without the need for an umbrella to shelter from the rain!!
By the Estuary

It's just like the old days ...................... with the added bonus that we don't have four young children to entertain all the time!!


  1. Sounds lovely Ange. Love to all. See you soon. Anne. x

  2. What a lovely week, by far the best week weather wise!! Had a lovely time look forward to seeing you soon
    Much love
    Lynn and Mick