Friday, 7 August 2009

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind!

Today, for my excellent behaviour, I was granted some reprieve! I was also given some spending money!! Not a moment too soon it would seem as himself has apparently been dreaming about me falling into the deep mud of the River Severn head first when the tide is out and waggling my little short, fat, hairy legs!! (They are NOT hairy!!)

Beswick Swan


So did I celebrate my get-away? I went off to find creatures one would not expect to find (at least not easily) along the environs of the canal system.

I went to Slimbridge!

So, what did I think? I'm not sure! There was every conceivable type of duck, swan and goose and, for sure, many of these I will never have the chance to see out of captivity. HOWEVER, the ducks that ARE indigenous to this country and I HAVE seen in the wild like smew, eider, mergansers, goldeneye? In captivity? As I say, I'm not sure. The enclosures were fine and they didn't have to worry about finding food or safety but ...... ? Endangered species - they are keeping some safe and breeding them so that has to be a good thing.

It was the only way I am likely to see these lovely, adorable creatures in the for-see-able future.
They have just introduced a female otter and her cubs + some beavers + some water voles in an area called "Back from the Brink". The numerous visiting children were really excited about all of these so if they grow up with a passion for the protection of these animals that has got to be a good thing .... doesn't it?

Watching birds in the wild from a hide? In my opinion the RSPB wins hands down.

So how did John spend his "time off"? He fettled and fa*ted! My entrance fee? "A small price to pay for a peaceful day", I can hear him say!

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