Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Godstow to Abingdon

For me, boating doesn't get much better than it is at the moment - on the beautiful River Thames in lovely weather and very few other boats on the move.

The cruise from Godstow to Abingdon took us about three hours.  The waterfront at Oxford is both interesting and attractive and, if you want to stop, there's lots of free mooring on the towpath side overlooking a very nice park.                                          

                                 Passing Port Meadow on approaching Oxford.
                                 Some of the spires of Oxford can be seen in the

Rowing clubs abound and so do rowers!
Approaching Oxford  
               These are all rowing clubs!

There's more to Abingdon than at first meets the eye.  There are interesting old buildings, a wide mix of shops, (both Maggie and Maisie thought the pet shop was heaven!  Maggie for the treats; Maisie for the toys!) a lovely town park and .......... well maintained,  free 5 day moorings for boaters!
Moored above the bridge at Abingdon.

Unlike Abingdon, not everywhere welcomes visiting boaters.   For example, the message from places like Henley and Windsor seems to be:-
"We don't need your custom, we are doing very nicely on our own, thank you very much.  However, if you must stop, the privilege will cost you dearly."
There are no free overnight moorings to be had in Henley and Windsor.
Good for you, Abingdon!  And thank you for providing us with nearly everything we wanted!

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