Friday, 16 April 2010

Nice Time with the Askeys

We have spent two really nice days moored up with Gloria and Derek on "Completely Foxed" at Farmoor Reservoir near Pinkhill Lock.

Narrowboat "Completely Foxed"

We have walked during the days and played dominoes and cards in the evenings.  They know how to play Canasta!  Result!!  Today we went on a lovely walk to Eynsham which is a gorgeous little place.  We treated ourselves to lunch in a pub - "The Sportsman" which is dog friendly (always worth knowing).

These handsome tups were in amongst a field of lots of ewes and very young lambs.

We also saw four mares with very young, gorgeous foals.
Jake has been swimming -
or as Gloria & Derek call it - 'splish-sploshing'.

Maggie and Maisie think he's absolutely crazy and, not being in the least tempted,  have continued to paddle!

Maisie has taken control of one of Jake's ball-on-a-rope.
She thinks that possession is 9/10 ths of the law and she's not
letting go!
O.K. Maisie, we will get you one of your own and, whilst we're at it, replace Jake's because your sharp little teeth have shredding sections of it!!

Shortly after arriving here Gloria was able to photograph a barn owl out hunting - it was about 3o'clock in the afternoon and in full sunshine.  How fantastic is that?!
Barn Owl out hunting way before dusk.

We are sorry to have to leave the lovely Upper Thames but we have an appointment on May 1st with some very special people in Staines so we need to get a move on.  We will be re-uniting with Gloria, Derek and Jake further downstream.

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  1. That's my girl, she knows what she likes and she's hanging on to it :-)