Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Easter

Yes.  Happy Easter everyone.

John calls this my Holy Grail!  Something about a film he saw where, one by one, the Knights of the Round Table who had been searching for said Holy Grail were "got" and suspended from barren trees!
What an imagination!!
These are actually a simple collection of ornamental eggs it has taken me years to build up and I insist on bringing them out of their tin every Easter!

April 1st:- It was no "April Fool" that today we saw our first swallows for the year.  They, poor souls, might have thought Britain was having a laugh, however, in respect of the weather and, if I were them, I would be e-mailing home telling kith and kin to delay departure.

We are currently at Dashwood Lock and aim to move down to Pigeon's Lock tomorrow.  Worrying news is that the Thames is on red boards - this means it is too dangerous to navigate.

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