Thursday, 29 April 2010


Snippet 1
We were waiting at Caversham Lock (just outside of Reading) preparing to go in.  I was standing at the bow, ropes at the ready.  A chap in a wheelchair came along and started chatting away telling me what a nicely turned out boat we had. He then went to John at the stern and carried on praising the boat.  On departing, his final comment to John was:- 
"I think your figure head needs a few more coats of varnish but ............ don't tell her till I'm out of here."
          I actually think this was very witty but I'm still trying to decide:-

                            - Was he referring to my 'Boudica' pose at the front of the boat?
                              - Am I looking decidedly rough these days?

                              NO NEED TO COMMENT .......... THANKYOU!

Snippet 2
I can thoroughly recommend Wargrave fish and chip delivery service which  is fantastic!  Just moor at Wargrave Marsh opposite the posh pad reputedly owned by Vince Hill (remember him?) and amazingly kind and efficient residents of Wargrave - chaperoned by Betty, the dog - deliver freshly prepared fish and chips to your saloon.  Marvellous!  Thankyou, Gary and Joan.  xxoo

 This may well be - Vinces' pad.

Snippet 3
Ric & Eileen:-  
We met Ric & Eileen about a year ago when we were helping to deliver  "April Love" to Braunston marina.  They wanted to buy a narrowboat with the view of becoming liveaboards.  They now own "Our Serendipity" and moor at Boulter's Lock.  We paid them an impromptu visit on our way past and it was lovely to catch up with them and find out what they have been up to.  Not only have they got a lovely boat but their mooring spot is lovely too.  They have lots going on in their lives and we wish them well.

 Snippet 4
 For a short while today, some 'wet stuff' fell from the sky today!  How dare it!!!  
           We are now just outside of Windsor, 'rapidly' approaching Staines, where we intend to stay
           for a week as we have things to do and people to see!


  1. It seems that you have got to Staines sooo quickly, can't believe we will see you soon. 'Boys' went off to Portugal last night for the stag weekend, God help the poor potugese!!

  2. Yes, heading your way! Hope we can get to see you when we are approaching Harlow area. Lots of London canal areas to get through first though. xxoo