Monday, 3 May 2010


I have lived all my life in Staines with the town of Windsor on my doorstep but never fully appreciated just what a lovely town it is until we had our own boat and passed through on the river.

On Friday we had a good trip from Boveney to Staines.  Passing through Windsor fairly early in the morning, it was not as busy on the water as we have experienced in the past.  As the day wore on, however, more and more Bank Holiday boaters emerged.

If you are passing through Windsor on the river for the first time I would thoroughly recommend that you stop for a few days,  become a tourist, spend some £££'s and explore the town.  There are plenty of moorings but, yes, you have to pay a fee.

The castle is wonderful - St George's chapel is stunning, the changing of the guards toe-tapping, the grounds interesting and the portrait paintings in the Royal Apartments are fantastic!!

The open top bus tour around Windsor and Eton is well worth doing.

There are lots of little side streets to explore full of a wide variety of shops.

Approaching the Castle

The Windsor Wheel

We have been spending the Bank Holiday weekend seeing family and friends.  At times it's all been a little bit crazy!  The weather has not been any where near as nice - in fact we have had quite a bit of rain - so much so that down as far as Boveney is now back on yellow boards.  That's one of the scary things about rivers!

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