Monday, 24 May 2010

What a fabulous weekend!

 Andy and Rhia's Wedding Day

It's not often that you can genuinely say that a day is perfect but ............... this one really was.

What a wonderful, beautiful wedding day in every respect.  There was a beautiful service in a beautiful church with beautiful music sung by a beautiful choir.  The bride was SO beautiful and all the outfits worn by other principal people made them beautiful too!   The venue for the reception was beautiful, the flowers were beautiful, the food was beautiful, the weather was amazingly beautiful,  the speeches were ................ beautiful?  Well, really good!  It was all just so fantastic and I'm so pleased that everything worked out so that we were able to be there.

The happy couple

Hanbury Manor Hotel - the venue for the reception

Chinese lanterns lighting up the sky in celebration

On Sunday we were collected (all of us - dogs as well!) and taken to Mick and Lynn's for a barbecue.  It was really good to be able to sit and chat properly to people we have known for many, many years.

Now back to reality!


  1. The pair of you certainly scrubbed up well!!! Glad it was a lovely day for the wedding and you had a good time. Will John be keeping his suit at his mums? take care Lynne and Paul

  2. 3 peice eh John whos a pretty boy then regards Paul