Saturday, 8 May 2010

Busy Week so bit of an Epic!

We have just left the Staines/Laleham borders after having been tied up to a tree at the bottom of Rodney's garden for the last week!  Beverley, Jackie and Eric, who are his immediate neighbours, have all been very accommodating as we do seem to cause quite a bit of chaos when we stay there!!  It's a very popular section of the Thames Path and lots of people we know use it.  We managed to get to see some people whom we haven't seen for a while - Pauline and David Shilston and Debbie and Kevin Atkin amongst them - and it was really nice to catch up.  One afternoon we had nine people on board for afternoon tea!

Prescriptions have been collected from the doctor, the dentist has been visited and ............... we have both had our hair cut by the lovely Mike ............... in Rodney's kitchen!!  (Yes Ken, John agreed to let someone else do it and give me some time off!!).  We have been into Staines to do some shopping other than food shopping and managed to get our external hard drive mended.  Remember the incident of the self pump out?  Well, I will now be able to add the picture I wanted as that was on the external hard drive - go back into it to see!  Maggie has also been to the vet for her annual jabs.
Lots of time was spent doing bits and pieces for both mums.  Every evening was spent socialising with some of our oldest (as in we've known them a long time) and dearest friends - barbecue at Anne and John's, dinner at Gill's, dinner at Rodney's and dinner on the boat!  Yes, lots of eating and drinking!!

On the Sunday afternoon, in the rain, we cycled to Penton Hook Marina to see Ben.  He took possession of a rusty, empty shell of a barge 3 years ago this September and it is now nearly finished.  He has done phenomenally well to do all he has in this space of time.  There is very little left to do inside (which is absolutely fabulous) and, I think, only a bit more painting to do on the outside.  The garden is on the roof complete with - pseudo grass, barbecue, table, chairs, sun umbrella, loungers and plant pots!!!!!!

The Outside
The kitchen
The bathroom

Whilst filling up with water at Chertsey lock yesterday we met a lovely couple on their widebeam boat, "Tamesis" - the Celtic goddess of fresh water.  I have not been on board a widebeam before - fantastic amount of space and SO nicely fitted out.  Like us, Jim and Angie have been liveaboards for three years.  They gave us lots of really useful tips about the Lee and Stort and what to do at Limehouse.  I do so hope we see them again sometime.

We moored up for the night at the back of Desborough Island at Shepperton - Ben had told us about this spot and it is a really good mooring.  As a bonus, there were four hobbies flying backwards and forwards past the boat hunting mayflies.  Fantastic!

This was not easy to get!  They fly amazingly fast!!


  1. Now Ben's boat I COULD possibly live on! It looks fantastic, he has done so well!! Are you heading to us now? Can't wait to see you!!

  2. I agree Lynn, Bens Boat does look fantastic...did he have it custom made and if so how much did it cost?

  3. Hi Funkyk 2009, Ben's Barge was built in 1896, that is the shell. The interior, he has designed & built from start to finish. The materials obviously have a value,(?) his designs & labour costs...... Priceless!