Friday, 14 May 2010

The Lee Navigation

Another long day today - we had made up our mind that we wanted to get to Waltham Abbey.
The old mills where we moored last night are apparently, collectively, the largest mills in Europe and were used for making gin!!  My sort of place then!

We passed the site at Bow where they are developing the new Olympic Stadium.  Lots of construction work going on.

Boaty thing:-
It is an observational fact that some boaters do not move around very much!  They find a 'nice' bit of tow path and stay put for quite a while.  These boaters are labelled 'continuous moorers' and, quite often their boats are
in a poor state of maintenance.  These boats are described in different ways by different people:- a lock keeper I was talking to called them "scruffies".  Another boater we met called them "crusties" and others tend to call them "swampies"!  I find these descriptions amusing but, on the waterways, it's a political issue.
'Live and let live' ?   But ............. it doesn't take a lot of effort to keep a boat cleanish ie wash it occasionally and much does a bit of fresh paint cost every now and then?
Observation:  There do seem to be a lot of boats in this category on this river navigation.  And ........ they are
monopolizing visitor mooring spots.

We are now in the grounds of the Lee Valley Park and we want to stay put for the weekend - go walking with the dogs and stake out the bittern hide ............... ever hopeful!!  Hopefully, Mick & Lynn will come and find us.


  1. Will ring tomorrow off for suit fitting now!

  2. We do get your comments thanks. Not too long now until the suit gets an airing, what about you Angela have you got yourself a nice little designer number? Cant wait to see the pictures of you both in your finery.