Friday, 21 May 2010

The Morning After the Night Before!

The Lowes have come to England
They set off to buy a car
They went to Waltham Abbey
Which from us was not too far.

They phoned and said, "Where are you?
We'll come over for a chat."
Them being them...... and us being us .....
It didn't end up like that!

The wine it started flowing
At first - the odd bottle or two
The decision to stay
Was made by Ray
And agreed by the rest of the crew.

The empty bottles became more and more
The wine had such a bashing.
A meal was shared
The cards were aired
The girls took such a thrashing!!

The chaps?  They just had all the luck
It wasn't that they were clever
Trouble is - they'll go ON & ON
Gloating about this for ever!

The next morning I did feel rough!
I really did feel ill
My stomach hurt, my head it spun
To think I do this all for fun!
Just give me an Anadin pill!

Why I'm the one always worse- for- wear
Goodness only knows
Hubby maintains his dignity
And so do both the Lowes!!

It was really good to see them.  They always take time out of a busy schedule to come and find us.  We shall look forward to seeing them again in September when they come to collect this new acquisition with the plan of driving it most of the way back to Cypress!  I hope that next time we sit down to play cards, they remind me of the last time!!  No Ray, I don't mean about the WIN - I mean about all those bottles! xxoo

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