Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The River Stort

They did come and find us on Sunday whilst we were moored up just below Waltham Common Lock right in the centre of the lovely Lee Valley Park.  Being moored here was just a bit 'up my street'!  Lots of pits, paths and bird hides which I could actually go in without having to get a special permit!  The dogs thought it was rather special too.  Despite it being 'on their patch' it was exciting new ground to Mick and Lynn.

The River Stort
On Monday we cruised to the junction with the lovely little River Stort.  Right from the beginning it was a delight.
We cruised to a little place called Roydon where we had arranged to Meet Mick and Lynn for a meal in the "White Hart" in the evening.  LOTS to celebrate:-

  • Andy and Rhia's wedding.  We can hardly believe it!  Our most vivid memory of Andrew was when we were on holiday in France when he was only two.  We had stupidly locked our Datsun 280ZX leaving the keys inside!  Andrew (being tiny at the time!) was squeezed through the quarter-light to retrieve the keys. He was in his element sitting in the driver's seat pressing all the buttons and turning the wheel!  He did eventually open the door to let us in!  No surprise then that he is really excited at the thought of driving a really, really special Bentley as his first vehicle as a married man!

  • The Big 'O'  Our very special friend, Mick, has just had a 'notable' birthday.  Bring on free bus passes and Winter Fuel Allowance!

  • Friendships of Longevity.  Our friendship with Mick and Lynn is now entering it's 5th decade and that ......... is very special!
From Roydon to Hunsdon Mill is an absolute delight.
Hunsdon Mill Lock

Parndon Mill is a lovely spot too.

We are now moored up near Pishiobury Park and we walked to The Maltings at Sawbridgeworth so I could have a browse in the Antique Centres!

The Maltings at Sawbridgeworth
Information boards along the tow path assure me that I am in the domain of the water vole and otter!!!!
I have, I have and ................. at the Broxbourne Silvermeade Reserve I DID hear reeds being munched and see a splash!  No water vole though!

I do, I do!  All the time!!  And to no avail!  Never mind, it pleases me to know that I am at least sharing their chosen domain.  

Sorry about the 'waxing lyrical, Lynn but ................ it's what I do best! xxoo


  1. Wax away!! Lovely photos see you on Saturday!!

  2. Sounds heavenly ! Weather is turning lovely for Saturday it would seem. Have a fab time and send my love to Mick & Lynn. xx