Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Girls go to London

We reached Paddington Basin yesterday afternoon.  There was no chance of getting onto the visitor moorings at Little Venice so we are moored up right by Paddington Station!  It makes for interesting people watching as about a thousand must have gone by whilst we have been here!  SO many people have an ear glued to a mobile phone!  It is now 7 am Wednesday and the first of the Apprentice-Style trolleys went by at 5.30 am!  The pavement is now positively rumbling with them!

We had a walk around to look at all the development that has, and continues, to go on here.  I imagine that this basin used to be full of wharfs and warehouses.  It is now being re-developed along the lines of the Mail Box in Birmingham - stunning architecture for offices, waterside apartments, restaurants, bars and shops.  Just a shortage of grass!  Hyde Park is about a mile and a half away.

Some examples of what is going on.  The favoured building material these days
seems to be glass not concrete.  Carmine House - on the right - we think the bit  in the middle is the bow of a large ship breaking through waves?  Icebergs?  
Oh, is that Leo and Kate I see up there?  What an imagination!!

More information can be found at:-

We are moving off early as we want to get to Limehouse Basin today - it will take us about six hours along the Regents Canal.  The sky is already blue so it looks like we will be doing it in the sunshine.


  1. Closer and closer you get!!
    Don't you be disparaging about Stepney and Bow these are my areas. You are travelling through. The lovely Tower Hamlets and Newham no less!!
    Talk at the weekend not long now!!!!!!!!

  2. is that John and the girls going up the side of that building? Didn't know they did rides up there. Must take the girls!!!!