Wednesday, 29 September 2010

"Come On Baby, Light my Fire"

Well, honestly!!
Calls himself a Queen Scout!
Not only did he let the fire go out but .......... he had trouble re-lighting it!  Something about insufficient dry kindling.
OK, Harpic, yes, yes ...... I hear you - I would do it myself  BUT I only went to Brownies for three weeks when I was about nine and I don't boast about Ray-Mears-Bush-Craft-Type skills!!

Today we have had a seriously large delivery of the wet stuff we float on.  We were lucky enough to share the five locks from Thrapson to Irthlingborough, in the dry, with the only other boat on the move - a hire boat crew out of Leighton Buzzard.  Just as we had moored up by the Rushden Diamond stadium (local football club) the heavens opened and the rain is still going strong.  It was forecast.  We are here all by ourselves.

Travelling back up this river I have become very aware that it flows through a land of 'spires and squires'.
Every little town and village seems to have an old (Saxon?) church with a spire.  Wadenhoe is an especially lovely village.  The buildings are predominantly thatch and local stone.

The pub - "The King's Head" provides very good moorings at the bottom of the pub garden, serves good food and offers a selection of local ales all brewed in a barn by Fred!!

The name of this river is pronounced differently depending upon where abouts along it you are!
From Northampton to Thrapston it's pronounced as 'Nen' but from Thrapston downstream it's pronounced 'Neen'.  Don't know why - probably some Dark Ages tribal feud!

Maisie is due to return tomorrow - Maggie has missed her .... she told me so!


  1. With reference to your comment no I am not going up the Hydrolic drive route Lynne doesnt earn enough in the red light district of Rugby there is a ression on you know!!!!! as for the dongle if you go back to May on our blog headed "another good idea" and you will find the info you require. Are you coming our way IF yes I said IF you can get off the Nene. We will be wintering around the Braunston area perhaps we may meet up with you if Lynne isnt working !!!!! regards Paul

  2. HAHAHAHA! I know all about Harpic's lack of talent in this particular area - lots of years camping with him. At least he's "clean round the bend"!