Friday, 17 September 2010

Three Quarters of the Claytons!

Yesterday Mick came to Whittlesey to find us.  Not only did he bring Molly and Rosie with him but he also brought some sunshine!  John and Mick first met at Teacher Training College when they were 19!  A long, long time ago!

We have cruised to Ferry Meadows just outside of Peterborough - lots of memories for Mick because, as a youngster, he went to the Cathedral school there and sang in the choir.  There were three other boats here overnight but they have now all left and we are on our own.  We have taken the dogs for a lovely walk around this enormous, very well managed park.  Geese have been chased and rabbits searched for.

The chaps have now embarked upon cycling back to Whittlesey to collect the car - apparently Cycle Route 63 will take them the eight miles directly there!

Since reaching a certain substantial birthday this year (!) Mick now only teaches three days a week.  We are hoping he and the girls will be able to come and see us like this more often.  At the moment Molly is sitting on the step awaiting her masters return and Rosie?  I'm being honoured because she is curled up on my lap!

Whittlesey - just to say that we thought it to be the nicest of the fenland towns we have travelled through.

Our visit to the Nene Washes earlier in the week was scuppered by gale force winds but it looks to be a wild, interesting area very good for bird-watching especially in the winter.


  1. What can I say? The quarter left behind has been working and enjoying the peace and quiet!!!
    Looks like you had a good couple of days. See you soon

  2. Great to meet up with you again tonight. You will have to go back for Cambridge and we will have to go back for Brandon, Bedford & the Lark; like you, we have all the time in the world but it's still not enough!!!!!